Cheffa’s Standard Decklist

My current standard deck is a Dimir Control Mill deck.

Main Deck

2x Cyclonic Rift – Quick Removal or Board Bounce
4x Dimir Charm – Removal, counter or mill
4x Dissolve – Counter Spell with Scry
4x Far // Away – This card is amazing for this deck can bounce, kill or both.
4x Psychic Strike – Mill Counter
4x Syncopate – Was debating Sideboarding these
3x Doom Blade – Creature Removal
4x Breaking // Entering – This card is great option for sideboard swap out while keeping functionality 2 mana for 8 card mill
1x Consuming Aberration – This is the Bomb for the deck not dependant on it for winning but it changes the game after milling.
2x Jace, Memory Adept – Mill engine
2x Jace, Architect of Thought – Control or draw
2x Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver – Mill engine and creature stealer
4x Nightveil Specter – This is a good creature for the deck can help with milling, steal cards or simply use for chump block.
4x Watery Grave
3x Dimir Guildgate – Working on swapping these out for more temples
1x Temple of Deceit
9x Island
3x Swamp


4x Voyage’s End – In case I need to swap out for more bounce
1x Thassa, God of the Sea – This is really only here as a filler for now I dont think it belongs in this deck
1x Pilfered Plans – This was taken out of the main deck and is currently just filler in the side board until I can think of something better
2x Tome Scour – In case I need more speed mill
1x Cyclonic Rift – Can be swapped into deck in case I need more board wipe
1x Doom Blade – In case more creature removal is needed
2x Thoughtseize – Considering moving this to the main deck
3x Devour Flesh – In case more creature removal is needed

All suggestions are welcome the deck is still a work in progress and I know it has room for improvement but it is doing well so far at FNM.

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